Our  Virtual Tour 

Please click the image below to take a state of the art virtual tour. Please note that our virtual tour is due to be updated later in the year or early 2021.

To navigate our virtual tour, use the arrow keys to move and the mouse to look around. You can also use the mouse to move by clicking on the white circles on the ground.  If you are on a mobile you can tap the white circles to move and swipe to look around.


Beach School

Outdoor experiences contribute to children's health, their physical development and their knowledge of the world around them. Children have the opportunity and are encouraged, to take part in outdoor child-initiated and adult-led activities throughout the day at nursery.

Our Beach School is run by our trained Beach School Leaders and is offered to all Preschool children! Beach School follows a holistic approach focusing on children’s curiosity and provides opportunities to explore outdoors in a forever changing environment. We have our own fully equipped beach hut on Goring seafront providing a base and shelter on wilder days! Children of all abilities have the opportunity to take part and take regular trips down to the beach where they will explore their environment and learn about the natural world.  We believe that time spent on our beautiful coast – playing and exploring in the fresh air and connecting with the natural environment – provides children with an abundance of learning and developmental opportunities focusing on their health and wellbeing, safety by the sea and deep respect for the natural world.

Local Community

At Kamelia Kids, not only do we support and extend children's learning using the indoor and outdoor environments of the nursery, we also value the importance of the local community environment. This provides opportunities for the children to learn about and be part of their local community e.g. visiting the local library for Rhyme Time, buying fruit and vegetables in the local shops and finding out about animals in the pet shops. It is important for the children to build up a sense of community and belonging from a young age. Getting known in the local area has value in terms of marketing our nursery too!

Look out for us when we are out and about e.g. at the local park, down to the beach, at Ilex woods or the local shops in Goring by Sea. We dress for all weathers having hats, bags and jackets with our nursery name and logo plus our Kamelia Kids buggy that seats six children.




Kamelia Kids Day Nursery & Beach School
Wellesley Avenue
Goring by Sea
West Sussex
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